Shopping FAQ

Shopping FAQ

Q1. Shopping process description
  • We provides you with a simple and safe shopping process, with a friendly and easy-to-understand guide-style process screen, allowing you to fully enjoy the convenience of shopping.

    First time shopping: Register an account>>Enter a mobile phone number to register>>Select a product>>Add to shopping cart>>Go to checkout>>Fill in receiving information>>Complete shopping,

    not the first shopping: select a product>>Add to shopping cart >>Go to checkout>>Member login>>Fill in the receiving information>>Complete shopping
    ※ Remind you, the product is added to the shopping cart but before the checkout, there is no storage function of the product inventory, the product inventory allocation will be based on the checkout sequence


Q2. What payment methods are currently available?
  • There are currently five payment methods available:
    1. Credit card payment : Visa, Master
    2. Ewallet payment : Boost, Grabpay, Maybank QR, Shopee Pay, Touch' N Go eWallet
    3. Online Banking 


Q3. How to check the processing status of the current order?
  • Please "member login" first and then go to "order query" to check the processing status of the order.


Q4. The product I want to buy is out of stock, when will it be restocked?

If the shopping cart button displays "The product is out of print", it means that the product is sold out and can no longer be restocked!

If the shopping cart button displays "Notify me when the goods arrive", please click the button and fill in the contact information (E-mail or mobile phone number). After the goods arrive, the system will send E-mails or text messages successively according to the order of registration and the quantity of goods received. Notification (for some hot-selling products, if the quantity of arrival is less than the quantity of notification of arrival, the notification may not be received).

Q5. How to calculate the "fourteen-day appreciation period"?

We provides a fourteen-day appreciation period.

It will be counted from the next day after the receipt of the parcel is completed to the 14th day. 

The following circumstances is rejected from return, please pay attention to avoid affecting your return rights.

1. Please be very careful if you wear makeup when trying on. If you have powder makeup on your clothes, we don't accept returns.
2. Abnormal try-on, wear for a long time, use crease or dirty or smell.
3. Based on the principle of hygiene, personal clothing such as underwear and socks cannot be returned once opened.
4. When returning, the product accessories are incomplete or the tag has been cut (all the packaging accessories such as shirts must be returned).
5. It has been processed on the product, such as embroidery, cutting, printing... and other non Bottled Dream products as they are (please make sure to process after receiving the product).
6. The event gifts have not been returned.
7. Appreciation period of more than 14 days.